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Eco Development Group Inc.
is a privately-owned development company focused on the design, manufacture, and construction of multi-purpose buildings made of cross-laminated timber.

Goals and Missions

At Eco-Development, our mission is to shift perspectives towards more sustainably ethical construction methods by integrating innovative CLT panels technology into the Canadian development industry.

Through eco-friendly complex solutions, our long-term goal is to offer more opportunities for affordable housing, healthier lifestyles and resilient communities.

Progressively moving towards responsible ways of building and occupying spaces, we can present a better environmental future for the next generations.

EcoDevelopment Group Head office
EcoDevelopment Group offers Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) panels, CLT innovative technologies, design & solutions for buildings.

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Production site
10 Crawford Drive
Ontario P0G 1G0 Canada

Registered address
31 Gibson Street, Suite 307
Parry Sound
Ontario P2Z 0A5, Canada

7250 Keele st., Unit 149
Ontario L4K 1Z8, Canada

tel. +1 (647) 213.1350

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